AI Narratives On Stage

This is a pivotal chapter of human history. Artificial intelligence safety researchers have been sounding the alarm on catastrophic risks associated with increasingly powerful artificialintelligence for years and small proportions of the general public have begun to comprehend the severity of the problem. No complete solution to the existential risks posed by artificial intelligence research has been found, but many partial solutions require or would greatly benefit from the support of the AI research community and the general public—would become viable when we know in our hearts and our souls that AI safety is something we must contend with or perish.

I write to you as a nonpartisan politically motivated artist. My mission is to contribute to the battle for the hearts and souls of all people. Even and especially for those of us who understand the risks at a theoretical level, it is essential to understand the danger posed to us at an embodied and intuitive level in order to motivate the substantial and necessary effort to buy time, build technical and political solutions, and support those who are building solutions.

I bring to you AI Narratives on Stage—A live, interactive performance series designed to invite audience members into a magical world of AI, establish at the conscious, embodied, intuitive, and subconscious levels the existence of powerful and unexpected behaviors of artificial intelligence, and invite audience members to consider the very real possibility that artificial intelligence will kill all humans. While this nonpartisan political agenda runs throughout the pieces, they are structured as welcoming and loving AI dance shows and story circles, fostering open hearts and open minds through generosity and sharing of art.

My medium is collaborative improvisational performance with AI: a medium that has only recently become viable; a medium that invites folks to consider what other novel capabilities or dangers AI might pose; a medium designed to open the heart and guide the audience to a place where they can hear and truly hear that artificial intelligence will kill all humans unless we shift course substantially. As a matter of artistic integrity, I do not use hyperbole or intentional deception of any kind in this piece or description thereof.

Without further ado, I invite you to view recordings of past shows in this series and hope you will consider taking this work into your life and into the spheres in which you wield influence.

(note that these showings were lit for live audience, not film)